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If Joni Mitchell and Florence + The Machine had a 21st century hippie daughter, it would be Marta Palombo. Native to Florence, Italy, Marta moved to the United States at just two years old and found she had an innate gift for crafting stories and poetry into works of music, all culminating in her desire to pursue that as a career. Growing up in Atlanta and moving to Nashville at 18, she now spends her time writing, recording, performing, and curating a cabinet full of local teas. Marta effortlessly weaves diverse influences and genres into her own unique blend of cinematic indie pop. 

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Welcome To The New Era


Welcome to my angsty nature spirit era. Honestly, it's my dream artistic state to be in and I am so excited to share this new chapter with you. It's been three years and many revisions in the making, and now it's finally here! Come sit with me and watch as it unfolds, chapter by chapter.

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