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Gardens are spaces for people to gather, grow, and lean into the beauty of little things. The Garden Collective is a cherished space to talk about all things artsy!

The Garden Collective is my official Discord server where I invite artists and art lovers of every genre, medium, and level to share their work and chat. Show me what you've been working on, or simply share non-original art that you love! You'll also have access to a TON of exclusive goodies just for you, including:

  • Live chats during releases to ask me anything about making music

  • Watch parties for music videos

  • Sharing your original work and insights with like-minded artists. I will compile everyone's works into an newsletter and send it out to all of my subscribers once a month!

  • Secret listening opportunitues before music is released

  • Poetry Friday

  • Acess to singing tips, and direct contact with me about any singing questions!

  • Tips and stories for doing the indie artist thing on a budget

  • And most importantly - an ever growing community of creatives that share their work!

So take a seat, make yourself some tea, and come hang out in The Garden Collective! 

Welcome To The Garden Collective!

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