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For anyone that wants to fill the world with art, celebrate the beauty of little things, and know what goes on behind the music: come join us!

Pick whichever option suits you best. I'm excited to see you!

Option 1: The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room gives anyone who signs up a more all-encompassing experience. You'll recieve an email on the first Thursday of every month containing collections of art I love in all its various forms, you'll have early notice of big announcements, and you'll have exclusive access to any demos, discounts, merch, and new music that may end up in your inbox.

Join Me In The Drawing Room

Option 2: The Garden Collective

As connected as it gets. The Garden Collective is my official Discord server where I invite artists and art lovers of every genre, medium, and level to share their work and chat! Show me what you've been working on, or simply share non-original art that you love. You'll also have access to a TON of exclusive goodies just for you.

So take a seat, make yourself some tea, and come hang out! 

Welcome! Dive in with me!

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