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Loveliness Made Damned

Dear reader,


I can finally welcome you to this next era of music. I’ve been working on it for years, just quietly chipping away at every detail while the world keeps turning and life keeps going. I started this music in a time when everything seemed to be on the edge of falling apart, and I used it as a blanket and a shield — and when everything fell apart anyway, and I found my way out of the woods, I rediscovered a whole new side of it. That’s why I make music — for those moments of stillness when you don’t want to think about it, but it comes bursting out of you anyway. For the times when life won’t slow down and you need to find a little corner, a safe haven, to force it to stop so you can breathe. To think, to feel, and to really know yourself. For anyone here, whether you’re new or have been following me for years, I want to give you these new songs now, and all of my old catalog as well, with a sincere hope that you find yourself closing your eyes when you listen. Maybe going on a long, pointless drive. Maybe staring out the window at the rain for way too long. Maybe falling in love with sunlight, and old books, and strangers, and most importantly: all the parts of yourself, lovely or not. 


Here’s to everything that’s to come. Make yourself a cup of tea and join me.

Lots of love,


Loveliness Made Damned
Making The Visual Album

Filming A Visual Album On An Indie Budget: A Series

A part-by-part breakdown of how I planned, collaborated, dreamed, and crafted the worldbuilding of this era!


Loveliness Made Damned Bloopers

Funny moments from filming and creating Loveliness Made Damned!

Notable Press

With critical acclaim from tastemakers at the forefront of modern music media, Loveliness Made Damned has quickly become Palombo’s most known - and applauded - project to date. A distinguished powerhouse in independent music media, GRRRL Music, calls the project “a sonic journey led by the most stunning vocals” paired with “an unbelievably thoughtful film that exceeds even the highest expectations.”

Promotion continues through the summer with a TV performance and interview with Palombo on NBC’s Today In Nashville, plus exclusive spotlights for the film from local and national platforms.

Loveliness Made Damned has allowed the independent artist to buckle into an elevated following thanks to a media reach of over half a million active fans in Palombo’s ideal folk-centered audience. Publications like The Sound Won’t Stop, GRRRL Music, and Mundane Magazine have lended their platforms to support the EP and film, while additional notable outlets maintain Palombo as an artist to watch this year and beyond.

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