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     If Joni Mitchell and Florence + The Machine had a 21st century hippie daughter, it would be Marta Palombo. Native to Florence, Italy, Marta moved to the United States at just two years old and found she had an innate gift for crafting stories and poetry into works of music, all culminating in her desire to pursue that as a career. Growing up in Atlanta and moving to Nashville at 18, she now spends her time writing, recording, performing, and curating a cabinet full of local teas. Marta effortlessly weaves diverse influences and genres into her own unique blend of cinematic indie pop. 

    Writing songs and poetry was all Marta was interested in as an adolescent, becoming Poetry Out Loud’s Georgia Champion and National Runner Up. As her gift blossomed, she enrolled at Belmont University to hone her skills and continue her education. Learning and networking at the esteemed music industry school, Marta was able to make her name known around Music City as a seasoned performer at various venues, restaurants and bars. In addition, Marta has added both the Schermerhorn Symphony and Bridgestone Arena, where she sang back-up for Josh Groban, to her impressive musical resume. When she's not captivating audiences on stage, Marta finds joy in nurturing the next generation, sharing her love for music and guiding young minds to discover the transformative power of expressing emotions through art.


    Emerging with her “Revisions” EP in 2016, Marta entered with such grace and care in establishing herself as a storyteller and visionary. The folk-pop energy and narrative songwriting that sent her to Nashville also garnered her recognition with the 2020 EP, “Him, Vol. 1”, with the title track winning the Vox Pop Award at the 18th Independent Music Awards. With each subsequent release, from infectious singles to thought-provoking EPs, Marta intricately wove together a tapestry of sound that not only resonated with listeners but also solidified her unique presence in the industry. Inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Florence + The Machine, Bon Iver, and a multitude of others, her expansive musical nature is evident as she reaches out to listeners through detailed and intimate songwriting and composition. 

    Marta finds her artistic purpose in building worlds of sound for her listeners to escape into, and believes in creating space for all of life’s shifting emotions. With Marta, there is always new music on the horizon, because there is always more love to experience. Her signature style is her ever-growing passion for telling life’s most compelling stories, both big and small.


“I’m constantly inspired by the world around me – the smallest objects or actions can spark inspiration and become a song, just because they came at the perfect time. Art doesn’t always have to be about big, loud, life-changing things; it can be about the quiet days spent over a mug of tea, too.”

-Marta Palombo


2020 single, "Him," won the Vox Pop Award at the 18th Independent Music Awards

"Nashville, Tennessee's folk-pop singer-songwriter Marta Palombo is captivating her audience with her new EP release, Him Vol. 1."


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